Piel fort, photo albums

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to tell you about the photo albums of Piel fort .
Piel fort is the signature of photographic albums par excellence, chosen by celebrities from around the world. 100% handmade in Ubrique. On its website you can find wedding albums, photos, classics, colors, for children, for first communion, travel, classics, blog notes ...
What I like the most about each Piel fort album is that it includes a certificate of authenticity, individual numbering and a guarantee certificate.

I'll show you what I have: p>

PHOTO ALBUM MODEL OVER SIZE 30X30 NEW; The "Sobre" model is an exclusive design and creation model by Pielfort. Its main characteristic lies in its opening system, as it has a flap as a front part of the envelope that is opened and closed by a system of magnets.
Once opened, the pages of the album are displayed inside, where we will place the photos.
THE VINTAGE - BLACK CLASSIC CAMERA SERIES ; Pielfort presents a special edition of small format analog albums, inspired by classic cameras of all times.
The 16 × 16 cm format is compatible with all photo formats small analogue, treasuring your memories in an analog and secure way.
This original idea came from the collaboration of firms with designers and bloggers from the network b> .The emergence of exclusive social networks of photographs and the passion for the aesthetics of analog cameras, demand this type of albúmenes for photos of small size or polaroid size.
100% Handmade in Spain.
DELUXE CLASSIC ALBUM OLD LEATHER SIZE 30X30; A classic. Our classic album in old leather is perfect for storing photos of your best experiences. It is a leather album, in a dark brown tone, with a slight touch of brightness, and a perfect finish, which gives shape to a simple and elegant album at the same time, classic and timeless, with a strong personality.
The size of the album is 30 × 30 cm, and its interior is made of 30 sheets of high quality cardboard in cream, and each sheet has a tissue paper to protect all your photographs.
The end result is a spectacular album, without a doubt, the best place to keep memories of the most special moments of your life.

The one I liked the most is red, it's a very modern album. I see it great for young girls. I also liked black with the camera and brown is the one I liked the least. I find the album "More serious", so I gave it to my father who is delighted with it.

Also some of you already know "my love for the Rap " therefore your collaboration has enchanted me, they have a limited edition of their photo albums and blocks.
In short I recommend that if you want an album of photo, you go through their website since they have all styles and I'm sure you like some. They are also of good quality as you can see in your certificate.
What do you think of the Piel fort albums ?